Seattle Employment Agency

Seattle Employment Agency
In Our Seattle employment agency, we specialize in placing qualified individuals in long term positions in tops American companies.


Recruiting for Tech, Accounting, Sales, and Admin roles with Temporary and Direct hire and Contract to hire.

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Staffing Agency

Our Seattle staffing agency offers a variety of job opportunities in various fields for short term workers.

The requirement is the well-qualified and efficient workers, who are productive, with creative ideas in their minds.

We are having thousands of job placements and even some of the candidates started working as temporary workers now settle in their permanent job.

One can choose the place as per the qualification of income wanted to earn.

“Experienced Seattle Staffing Agency”

Services Our Agency Offers

Executive Search

Searching  Top Executives

It is a pro-active method, in which we identify the best available candidates from our research, contacts, database or knowledge of various industries, and simply from knowing who’s who in many different fields.

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Direct Hire Search

Direct Hire

With our job applicants’ network, we can look for the appropriate candidate for your open position. Even the most specialized one. We research, and identify qualified candidates and manage the selection process, the interview, and the compensation.

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Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Are you looking to hire a temporary staff member to fill a vacancy within your business? Temporary staffing can offer a whole host of benefits – both to the employer and the temporary worker.

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We help candidates and clients to find the right solutions to their needs with trust and communication.

Read more to know our Consultants services page.

Seattle Staffing Agency

Experienced Agency

We are an experienced Employment Agency and one of the consolidated Staffing Agencies in Seattle and Bellevue, WA.

If you are looking for the start-up of any of the new career, looking for any short term working project to earn money or experience, or just wanted to try out something new in your spare time, then temporary work would be for you.

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Headhunters in Our Seattle Employment Agency has a proven background in recruiting and an unparalleled network of contacts throughout Seattle and beyond.
We have a great team of recruiters with years of experience. The effort to find the quality candidate you need is their primary goal. They know the market, just add your needs and you will have the best results.
Seattle Headhunters
Seattle Search Group

Seattle Job Recruiters

We are a consolidated Job Recruiters firm in Seattle, with many years of experience on our backs.

Our Vision is to consolidate as one of the best recruitment firms staffing for finance, accounting, and technology. Trust that you will find the best solution with Us. That’s why we are one of the best Seattle search solutions for you.

We are part of the Search Group Network and sister companies of SoCal Search Group, CFO Search Group, Portland Search Group, Seattle Mortgage Staffing  and Denver Search Group.

Staffing and Recruiting Services

Tech Recruiters

Our Tech Recruiters assist you with for about 13 different IT positions. They specialize in connecting employers with high skilled Tech Talent.

Accounting Recruiters

For our Accounting Recruiters, those last 15 years of experience had let them acquired a proficient accounting knowledge along with effective recruitment.

Financial Staffing

Our Finance recruiters specialize in financial jobs and financial staffing.
If you are looking for a job, our finance staffing team will get you in contact with top employers and will assist you to find your desired goal.

Let one of the most trusted recruiters to help you achieve your goals

Our Seattle Employment Agency has placed more than 1,000 candidates in more than 200 clients.

Types of Positions Our Seattle Employment Agency Recruit For

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