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Temporary Staffing Agency at Seattle

Are you looking to hire a temporary staff member to fill a vacancy within your business?

Or are you spending more time than you’d like browsing the internet for job opportunities as a temporary worker?

The good news is, temporary staffing can offer a whole host of benefits – both to the employer and the temporary worker. Using an employment agency like Seattle Search Group can help organizations to find the perfect candidate for their vacancy.

Sometimes you want to audition potential candidates to see how they work. Other times, interim positions may become full-time jobs.

As an employer, you may want the chance to ‘try before you buy’ or ‘audition’ potential candidates to see if they’re the right person for the job. Hiring on a temporary staffing basis will help you to find out how a person works and whether they’ll be a good fit with your existing team. After all, it’s difficult to know these things without spending a significant amount of time observing someone. You’ll also be able to gather feedback from the rest of the team, to find out their opinions on their new colleague too. If things don’t work out, just get in touch with us and we’ll help you to manage the situation and find another potential candidate.

Avoid lengthy recruitment process

In other situations, you may have a temporary staffing opening you need to fill (for example maternity leave cover or sabbatical) which later becomes a permanent vacancy. Or you may have a specialized job role available for a fixed term period, which requires the skills and expertise of a particular type of person. Why invest loads of time in going through a lengthy recruitment process when you could contact us to arrange temporary staffing instead? Chances are, we have candidates registered with us who have already been vetted and are ready and waiting to start work.

Temporary Staffing for Job Seekers

For job seekers, temporary staffing roles present an opportunity to find out more about the job role. Once placed, they can consider whether they enjoy the duties they are being asked to perform. Are they comfortable with the size and scope of the company? Will the role allow them to pursue their personal objectives? If not, there is no obligation for them to work a long notice period or worry about how leaving so soon after starting will look on their resume,

Get in touch with Seattle Search Group to find out more about your local labor market. At Seattle Search Group, we employ a team of experienced recruiters who have two main objectives – to provide outstanding customer service and deliver the most qualified candidates to our clients. We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to your requirements and getting to know you and your business, enabling us to find the right candidates for you.

We understand the importance of finding the right person with the necessary skills and experience. We know that failing to do this can cause huge problems for your business. Find out how we can help you to build a high-quality temporary workforce by contacting a member of our team for a no-obligation discussion today.

Through this flexible option, both clients and contract employees have the opportunity to further explore each other and make sure they’re making the right decision.

Our Agency

Our Temp Staffing Agency offers services for those looking for an opportunity to find a temp job. Please get in contact with us by sending your info with the contact form on the sidebar and we will answer any question you may have.

Located in Bellevue, WA, we are experienced in placing candidates into Accounting, Finance and Technology roles. We can offer direct-hire, contract to hire and temporary staffing solutions. And if you’re looking to fill a high-level role, we specialize in executive placements.

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