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A few recommendations as seen on our linkedin profiles.

“John and his team provided excellent service when we needed help recruiting.  John made sure he understood what we were looking for and he and his team did a good job screening and presenting candidates.  In addition, they came on site to help coordinate interviews and collect immediate feedback to help us make decisions.

I would definitely recommend John.”                    May 21, 2012

Top qualities:                                                           Great Results, Personable, Expert

 Lana Hermanson
hired John as a Recruiter                                          in 2012, and hired John more than once

“I have successfully worked with John on a number of placement projects.  John has taken the time to get to know our company and our culture, this distinguishes his work and success rate.  I would recommend John to anyone looking to add quality people to their company.”                                                  February 8, 2010

Top qualities:                                            Great Results, Personable, Expert

Paul Cook
hired John as a Recruiter                        in 2005, and hired John more than once

“I had been searching for a job for several months and had worked with several other recruiters before I met John and the Seattle Search Group.  He made sure to have a face-to-face meeting with me which was personable and informal in order to identify exactly what it was I was looking for.  Within a week of  this meeting I had an offer letter in hand.  John produces results. It was clear his connections within the business community are strong, and have led me to the position I am in today.”                    December 1, 2011


Top qualities:                                           Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jay Searles CPA
hired John as a Recruiter                          in 2011

“I recommend John Herd and his firm Seattle Search group as a cut above the rest among Seattle recruiters. John has a long-term staying power and his service is oriented to buiding long-term relationship, not just on filling a current position. John’s service is based on trust and honesty – he will calibrate his search very specifically to meet your exact goals. Every candidate he sends is the candidate you want to see.”                                                                March 26, 2010

Top qualities:                                             Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Irina Leversee
hired John as a Recruiter                          in 2002, and hired John more than once

“I have enjoyed working with John on different occasions when hiring accounting personnel for positions requiring strong technical analysis skills, initiative and a strong work ethic.  John did not disappoint and was very helpful in our search.  I think the thing I enjoyed most about working with John was the personable nature of his communications.  John was always professional but in talking with him it was also easy to feel comfortable that my objectives were understood.  John’s relaxed and open conversational style made this possible.”                    February 7, 2010

Top qualities:                                          Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Tracy Ball
hired John as a Recruiter                          in 2001, and hired John more than once

“I worked with John in his capacity as a recruiter.  He found a position for me that is a great fit for my experience and personality.  At every step he was professional, friendly, and accessible.  I would not hesitate to recommend John to other job-seekers or employers.”                    January 11, 2010

Top qualities:                                           Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Liz Frost
hired John as a Recruiter                          in 2009

“I have worked very successfully with John in the past. He is very professional and really tries to understand your needs before starting a search. He is service oriented and produces great results.”                    April 13, 2010

Top qualities:                                            Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

1stHassan Natha
hired John as a Recruiter                          in 2007

“John is an extremely personable recruiter.  I first worked with John about five years ago and have recommended him to friends and colleagues many times since.”                                        January 13, 2010

Top qualities:                                             Personable, High Integrity, Creative

1stDavid Allard
hired John as a Recruiter                             in 2006

“I have worked with John and he’s extremely easy to work with, he is very personable, punctual and is results orientated.  I would work with John again in the future and consider him a trusted business advisor.”                    January 11, 2010

Top qualities:                                                Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1stJustin Faires
hired John as a Recruiter                               in 2005

“John is straighforward, honest, and open.  These are hard to find and valuable traits in a recruiter.  He was trustworthy and worked hard to find an excellent placement for me.  I’d high recommend John to anyone looking for a position in accounting/finance.”                    January 11, 2010

Top qualities:                                                Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1stMark Ye
hired John as a Accountant                           in 2008

“It has been a pleasure working with John. We have worked together since 1998 and it has been a joy watching his career progress from an inexperienced staffing professional to a high level Executive Recruiter.  John’s success is due, in large part, because of the relationships that he builds with his candidate base.  He is truly and extra-ordinary recruiter.”                    June 19, 2008

“I have known John professionally for 10 years and we have worked together on many assignments.  I have always been impressed by John’s knowledge of the business community and his access to excellent candidates.  I found John to be a person with high ethical standards and a strong work ethic.  I highly recommend John as an excellent executive recruiter who is able to get the job done.”                    January 11, 2010

1stDeena Eber,                      Owner, Eber Finance