Direct Hire Search

Direct Hire Search at Seattle Search Group

Our Contingency Search is a results-focused service, with fees paid only after a candidate is successfully placed. On a contingent basis we research, identify and introduce qualified candidates, manage the interview and selection process, provide detailed references and background information, negotiate compensation and provide valuable feedback after candidates start.

With Direct Hire search Our clients are only billed for service if a candidate is successfully hired. There’s no better risk-free way to bring top talent directly into your organization.

Hiring Process

  • Research, identify, and introduce qualified candidates
  • Manage the interview and selection process
  • Negotiate compensation and provide valuable feedback after candidates start

The most important for your company success is to hire the right people. In addition, traditional recruiting methods do not always give the best results.

Our Goal

With Direct Hire Services, our goal is to find the best candidates, working with you to develop the most successful profile for the role you need.

More Options

Also if you are seeking a senior-level executive with exceptional skills and experience, see Our Seattle Executive Search services.

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